Nothing is more pleasing than the feeling of sitting on a new patio looking out to a new field stone wall on your wood line or pulling in from work and the first thing you see at the end of your driveway is your new cobblestone apron. As with all of our services, we are going to meet with you, discuss your wants and needs, and provide you with the best quality workmanship and the best quality product and never oversell to you. 


   Nothing, not even a new lawn can add to the value of your home as much as specimen trees and shrubs. We will provide you with top quality nursery grown products supplied from local nurseries. WE WILL NEVER SELL YOU PRODUCTS BOUGHT FROM THE BIG BOX STORES. Depending on what your needs will be, we are capable of providing installations from one hydrangea to fifty 6" caliper Sugar Maples. We will follow your landscape architects designs perfectly or have you meet with us and lay things out together. We provide proper and up to date planting techniques, because your shrubs or trees may look good for the first few years, but may fail in year four or five, long after many warrantees have runs out. That is why we warranty our nursery stock from the start for one year and will always be happy to come back for the life of the product to replace it if it has failed because of us. 

​​​Weekly Lawn Maintenance

   There are certain techniques that need to be followed while we are on your property to give your lawn the best environment to thrive. What we are going to do while we are there, is to cut your lawn in different directions each time not only to give it a Fenway Park look but also to reduce compaction. We collect our clippings and are equipped to take them with us. We will properly trim your edges without damaging ornamentals or structures. A technique we will also use while on your property is turning trimmers upside down to edge the driveway edges and beds at every visit. The last thing we will do for you is blow all the hard surfaces down, whether it is a disturbance we have made or simply some sand that has gathered in the corner of your driveway  from the last rainstorm. We will blow everything down including other little things, those pesky spider webs that gather in the corner of your garage doors or behind the porch lights. We Will leave your house looking spectacular.

​​​Landscape Services 

​​Lawn Installations and Renovations 

   Our philosophy has always been never to sell. This being said, we do have a certain percentage of clientale that will ask us to come onto their property, roll out a new sod and refer them to an irrigation company. We are certainly equipped to do this and have provided many customers in the area with irrigated sod lawns. 

   But, for the rest of us, most of the time a lawn will simply just need some TLC. What we will do is and analysis of the current conditions. We are fully capable of turning lawns around many times by simply aerating, liming, slice seeding, over seeding, pruning away shady areas or fertilizing. Whatnyour lawn needs, it will get. 

​   There are cases when you will want an entirely new lawn or you will need and entirely new lawn. And without boring you too much now we will explain to you in much more detail when we meet with you in person. But a brief overview of what we do on a lawn installation is supply the landscape with at least three inches of top quality loam with a high organic content in it.  We will then grade your landscape properly keeping drainage in mund and to avoid puddling. We will then provide the soil with a top quality starter fertilizer and the appropriate seed for the conditions. Hydro seeding is also available. 

Spring & Fall Cleanups

   At Fields of Green we will provide you with the level of service during spring and fall cleanup times that will remind you of an era gone by. It may sound a little silly to the lay person, but there is a certain craftsmanship to knowing how to edge, the proper mulches to use and mulching techniques (as to not introduce insects to your home), and proper dethatching methods for the health of your lawn. There is nothing more satisfying to us than having you say "wow" when we are finished and and for us to look back on the property when we are leaving and say "wow" ourselves. 

   During the fall cleanups we have some of the most advanced leaf collection systems available. We will thoroughly clean your property of all leaves and debris which can be very important in keeping down the amount of diseases and fungi